The antenna is you.

The ether is full of noise and static …

Reason enough to retrospect

P2P Foundation … certainly something that deserves a bit of elbow grease.

How to put things in context, how to begin … and where?

March 2008 … 13 years on the WWW, after 36 years of online activity in one form or another? (I could say 41 years, if I counted ham radio!)

How about this:
let’s go with “Something old | Something new …”

Something old:

P7 logo The website for our People’s Summit project … the event we mounted parallel to the 1995 G7 conference. A fabulous example of how group activity can demonstrate the best and worst of progressive dynamics. (An A-list type parachuted in to proclaim and be proclaimed as holder of revealed wisdom concerning things HTML … dividing the project, dead-ending the effort, and contributing precious little. When time came to re-vitalize the project in 2002, for the G8 Finance Ministers’ Meeting, I came up with a preliminary homepage but, well, bad memories haunted the whole community and it never stirred its loins.)

Green Future Foundation” and one of its resource pages, from 1996 … the community was a spent force. What should have been a veritable celebration of dynamism and collective intelligence became an exercise in careerism and one-upmanship. The project was still-born. Sad. Just sad.

And most recently?

Something new:
Beside a couple of posts to my dusty old “DAV and Docs” blog, and the inevitable updates to my venerable aulde LiveJournal
… I launched something to revitalize my more general interests: is getting me to re-visit Jon Udell’s body of work, which seems to me a veritable cornucopeia of delights. (So this will do double duty, counting as something borrowed, too!)

And, my newest thing and certainly the most significant in a long while.
This has been a long time coming; I can’t say I’ve dropped “stealth mode”, the cat’s still very much in the bag … let’s say I’ve allowed it to poke its head out. Yaa, something like that.


To energize collective intelligence …
… to magnetize the wisdom of crowds.

My begging bowl

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Thinking together about what is crucial …
… speaking deeply about simple things.


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