The antenna is you.

The ether is full of noise and static …


see GroundPlane – 101

If you have an opinion then that’s the fact … that’s the truth.

Your opinion might be wrong, or it might be right as rain but either way: the fact is that you have an opinion.
And that’s the truth. Period.

So: … let’s talk things through.
Nuts and bolts … brass tacks … hammers and tongs …

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  1. I like this, Ben. It’s very similar to what we do in DF… the “data” chart can include all of the various perspectives that are in the room. It’s “data”, that some of us believe x, and some of us believe y…

    Comment by Rosa Zubizarreta | 1August2009 | Reply

    • Actually, Rosa, it’s the “can include the various positions” that has concerned me most. (I mean “concerned” in the concrete sense of “this problematic needs a systematic resolution”.)
      What I’ve seen of “knowledge capture” is that it creates yet.another mountain of un-ordered information. Rich, for sure, but not a great help for folk who are already drowning in oceans of information.
      So that’s what I set out to dis-solve … December 2003, Killam Library (Dalhousie University), I had an actual Eureka moment!

      As for “some of us believe x, and some of us believe y”, that of course is foundational to discourse. But here’s something that tickled me (and might you), something I came across while studying cog-psych … poorly documented, it was refered to as “discourse variance” i.e. not only can individuals hold contradictory views, but in certain situations and under different conditions an individual will profess X here/now and Y there/then … without a sense of dissonance. I suspect this is especially true concerning prejudice (where the individual might not speak their heart-truth here, but will there) and opinions that are loosely formed / loosely held (so saying X to get such and such / to impress such and such but saying Y to get something else / impress a different tribe).

      Fascinatin’ stuff, no?

      Comment by bentrem | 2August2009 | Reply

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