The antenna is you.

The ether is full of noise and static …

Ben Tremblay’s answer to What would you do and how would you feel if your child made the decision to join the military? – Quora

Ben Tremblay, 49TH LER (3PPCLI); jump-trained; ComRsch 291
Answered 16m ago

Again, Quora:
Do: check/see if s/he had thought it through.
Feel: somewhat comforted that s/he had both feet on the ground!

p.s. my usual reply when asked is something like “Be certain that this isn’t some cartoon strip whim. The effects are long-lasting. Perhaps most important: if it’s really heart-felt, and you don’t go with it, probably the rest of your life you’ll be looking over your shoulder thinking, “I wonder what if …”

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Why I Do What I Do

Basically, most facts are accepted by most people most of the time. Our communities do work.

Few facts, if any, are accepted by everyone.

But there’s something even more important: even if everybody agreed on the facts, we would still disagree on what those facts meant.

Unless we are willing to accept and live with something like a "benevolent" dictatorship, we act along with others by reaching "working agreements".
These normally involve compromise. They are sometimes elegant and simple. They are often clumsy and accidental. They very often leave nobody feeling satisfied, with almost everyone frustrated at the end of the day. We muddle through, one way or another, because we have no choice but to go on … the clock of life does not stop ticking.

We can muddle more accidentally, more clumsily, with more waste and frustration or we can muddle with some sense of what we’re on about.

We are not all of us going to have one single sense of what the facts are and what those facts mean, but we can most of us work to have some sense of what we’re working towards and why we’re working the way we are.

Even without universal agreement on ultimate truths, we can build community by building consensus.

The alternative is some degree of dictatorship and tyranny.

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